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FAQ’s at Heights Family Chiropractic

Answers to Common Questions About Chiropractic

Q: Once I go to a chiropractor will I have to go forever?

A: No. But when many of our patients experience what it’s like to feel “normal,” they are less tolerant of aches and pains. They often choose to see us on some type of regular basis to maintain their progress. Think of it as brushing and flossing for the spine.

Q: Does getting adjusted hurt?

A: No. Since it takes more than a single adjustment to strengthen the spine, if adjustments were uncomfortable patients wouldn’t return for the necessary care. Many describe an adjustment as having a heavy burden lifted from their shoulders. It feels naturally right. There’s a wonderful sense of ease afterwards.

Q: Can chiropractic cure everything?

A: Chiropractors and medical doctors can’t cure a thing. Only your body can do that. If there isn’t any interference to your body’s ability to function as designed. Because chiropractic care reduces nerve interference, it can often help with problems local to the spine, as well as conditions peripheral to the spine.

Q: Do I need a referral from a medical practitioner?

A: No. You have direct access to make an appointment as you wish. In some instances, an insurance carrier may insist on a referral as a condition for reimbursement.

Q: Are there things I can do to speed my recovery?

A: Yes. Count on getting suggested stretches and exercises you can perform at home. Your results will depend upon what Dr. Garrett does on each visit—and what you do between visits.

Have More Questions?

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